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Title: Beyond Fantastic
Character: Luna Lovegood, Ginny Weasley
Rating: G
Disclaimer: I don't own HP.
Word Count: 1184
A/N: Sorrrt of written for [community profile] galentinesday? I was assigned to write for my fandom bff, so this is the fic I wrote as a cover for the actual fic I was writing for her ;)
Summary: Luna begins her first year at Hogwarts, and tries to make friends with anyone (and anything) that she possibly can.
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Title:Last Seconds of Nothing| On AO3
Character:Scorpius Malfoy
Disclaimer:I own nothing and make no profit.
Word Count:757
A/N:For my [community profile] trope_bingo card. presumed dead
Summery: Scorpius makes the decision to go back in time because it is something he can actually do. He tried going to the rebellion and nothing changed for him, nothing important. Both sides are caught in a never-ending war because the rebels won't give up and Voldemort trusts no one. No one is safe and nothing is worth living for.
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Title:Controlling a Rabble
Character: Severus Snape
Disclaimer:I own nothing.
Word Count:100
A/N:for [community profile] snape100, looking at Severus as a professor.
Summery: Severus learns to be a teacher to those he went to school with.
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Title: Breaking Strings | on AO3
Author: pretty_panther for [community profile] deeply_horrible
Rating: PG-13
(Highlight to View) Warning(s): [ mild torture.].
Prompt/Prompt Author: prompt # 26:
"Prompt: During the Quidditch World Cup, in a raid led by Lucius Malfoy, one Death Eater flipped a "Mrs Roberts upside-down with his wand; her nightdress fell down to reveal voluminous drawers; she struggled to cover herself up as the crowd below her screeched and hooted with glee" (GoF). Let's assume Snape is that Death Eater. Why does he use Levicorpus?
Word Count:840
Summary: Severus still feels like a puppet, it just happens that Albus is pulling a different set of strings. When he is given the chance to re-unite with the Death Eaters at the world cup and make his own decision he takes it without really thinking about it.
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Title: Unity in Diversity | on AO3
Prompt: 53 -- Minerva & the Slytherin House, Post- DH; How does Minerva handle her young snakes when Hogwarts reopens after DH?
Rating: PG-13
Word Count: 3083
Characters: Minerva McGonagall, Filius Flitwick, Horace Slughorn, Pomona Sprout, Aurora Sinistra, Irma Pince, Hagrid
Summary: The first of September, and Minerva is the Headmistress of a united school. A conversation with Horace leads her to hatch a drastic new plan to unite to houses and bring the Slytherins in from the cold.
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Title:Dreams of Past and Future
Characters: Tom Riddle, Helena Ravenclaw
Disclaimer:I own nothing and make no profit.
Word Count:363
A/N:for a prompt at worshipdarklord and my 5prompts table.
Summery: Tom speaks to the Grey Lady and charms out of her the information about her mothers diadem. He then continues to discuss various things in order to cover up his tracks a little better.
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Title: Sorting Lily
Character: Lily L Potter
Disclaimer:I own nothing and make no profits from this.
Word Count:475
A/N:This won second place at a hih contest for 'a different era' :)
Summery: Everyone has an opinion about where she is going to be sorted. Everyone except her.
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Title:Safe and Secure | on AO3
Character: Sirius Black
Disclaimer:I own nothing
Word Count:585
A/N:For my cotton candy and quill it tables. prompts 'safe' and 'beginning'
Summery: It takes a while for Sirius to settle into Gryffindor, but by Christmas he would rather stay there than go home.

Blown Away

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Title:Blown Away | on AO3
Characters: Susan Bones, Hannah Abbott, Ernie Macmillan, Justin Finch-Fletchley
Disclaimer:I own nothing and make no profits.
Word Count:699
Warning:Mentions of canon character deaths.
A/N:for the prompt #predict on my 100women table and for a hih challenge to write about these girls after the death of their relative in HBP. I chose Susan because there needs to be more Susie fic in the world :)
Summery: The Summer after Amelia Bones is killed, Hannah meets Susan on the train and finds tries to calm her distraught friend on the journey back to Hogwarts.
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Title:Better be Slytherin | on AO3
Characters:Tracy Davis, Daphne Greengrass
Prompts:14 education | HIH ficlet challenge #6
Disclaimer:I own nothing and make no profit.
Word Count:400
Summery: Tracy is positive that she will be sorted into Ravenclaw, and then the hat screams Slytherin and panic sets in. How is she meant to survive Slytherin with a muggle father?
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Title: The Moment of Truth, and the Moment to Lie |on AO3
Character(s)/Pairing(s): Pansy Parkinson, Draco Malfoy, members of Slytherin house, Severus Snape, Alecto Carrow, Amycus Carrow
Rating: PG-13
Warning(s): mentions of torture.
Word Count2250
AN:written for hogwarts_houses. I had to write for Slytherin house and right away I thought this would be a good chance to look at Pansy and this moment in a more general way.
Summary: Pansy Parkinson went into her seventh year at Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry a girl and ended left it a woman. She discovers that reality of situations are often different from what people imagine, and Hogwarts without Dumbledore is no exception.

It is not the sort of speech that fills Pansy with hope.
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After not seeing an active Harry Potter sorting community here on Dreamwidth (and dying a little on the inside), our previous Headmistress Ari set out to create one!

Welcome potential applicants to Enchanted Elite. We aim to have loads of fun activities, lots of conversations, and other things as time goes on. There will be challenges of all sorts of shapes and sizes and we have a place for you!

Join in the fun, be part of the experience. We hope to see you get sorted!

We currently do not have any house heads, once we get a bit of a memberbase in each house, we will be holding elections.


Headmistress Sam
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Title: A Man's Stand | on A03
Character: Dean Thomas
Disclaimer:I own nothing.
Word Count:249
A/N:written for a challenge about the Battle of Hogwarts
Summery:Dean realises that it is simply, him or them and he has no plans to die when he has lasted so long and come so far.
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Title:Moon Children |AO3
Character: Sirius Black, Remus Lupin, James Potter, Peter Pettigrew
Disclaimer:I own nothing and make no profit.
Word Count:1026
Prompt:63 - moon
A/N:for my Black family prompt table
Summery: In the end, it is Sirius that figures out why Remus is gone so often. Then he has to work out what he thinks about it all.
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Title:Myths and Misconceptions
Character: Harry Potter.
Fandom:Harry Potter
Disclaimer:I own nothing and make no profit.
Word Count:361
A/N:for writerverse. Also on AO3
Summery: Harry had grown up knowing the myths about Merlin, and now he realised those myths were true, so it was near impossible for him to think of himself as the hero.
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Title:A Father's Son
Characters: Draco Malfoy, Scorpius Malfoy
Disclaimer:I own nothing and make no profit
Word Count:100
A/N:for [community profile] draco100 'birthday bash'
Summery: He is only thirty two but already Draco is starting to feel old.

Title: On the Run
Characters: Harry Potter, Ron Weasley, Hermione Granger
Disclaimer:I own nothing. No profit is made.
Word Count:100
A/N:for [community profile] harry100. muggle technology prompt
Summery: The war hasn't gone their way and the muggle world and their ways is the only tool they have left.

Title: The Secrets of Shrubs
Characters: Neville Longbottom
Disclaimer:I own nothing. No profit is made.
Word Count:100
A/N:for [community profile] neville100 'uncommon'
Summery: For Neville, the satisfaction comes in discovering their secrets. Fame doesn't matter.
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Title: What the Neighbor Saw
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Summery: Mrs. Jahoda sees what is going on next door at number four Privet Drive and the only one who will help is Severus Snape.
Characters: Severus Snape, Harry Potter, and OC
Rating: PG-13
Words:  5,863
Category: Gen, Child!fic
Warnings: Abuse
Notes: Written in response to Bratling's Someone noticed  challenge on Potions and Snitches

What the Neighbor Saw

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Title: The Importance of Being Luna
Author: Mairi Nathaira
Rating: PG-13
Category: Gen, AU/AR, Humour, Established Relationships
Notes: Written for 2011 HP Holiday Gen. Many thanks to [ profile] curia_regis and [ profile] luvscharlie for betaing! Also, [ profile] tjs_whatnot somehow influenced me to put Kpop into this story!
Summary: After being friends with her for years, Luna always finds new ways to surprise Draco and Neville. Even when they are thousands of miles apart.
Pairing: Minor Neville Longbottom/Draco Malfoy and Harry Potter/Luna Lovegood
Warnings: None
Dedications: HP Holiday Gen Community
Disclaimer: Harry Potter belongs to Warner Brothers and the wonderful JK Rowling. I do not own them, despite the fact I wish I could own SS, RL, and SB. The only thing that belongs to me is the story itself.
Feedback: Please?

3,836 words long . . . enjoy!
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Title: Sleep of the Earth
Author: [ profile] celestineangel
Fandom: Harry Potter
Character(s): Snape-centric
Rating: R
Warnings: Possible sociopathy, graphic child abuse (non-sexual), character death, general weirdness.
Word Count: 4,818
Summary: This is the story of how Severus Snape came to master potions over all mortal men.
Disclaimer: Not mine, and making no profit from this. It's all in fun.
Author's Notes: Inspired by this song by Tricky Pixie, which is also quoted briefly. The second verse sounds like the recipe for a potion, which linked in my head to Severus Snape, and a fanfic was born. Beta props go to: [ profile] captainraychill

(Sleep of the Earth)


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Harry Potter Misfit Fics

Welcome to hp_misfitfics!

Welcome to this little corner of the universe, dedicated to giving poor, neglected Harry Potter Gen fic the attention and readership it deserves.

Are you primarily a ship writer, but suddenly find yourself writing a non pairing specific piece and you don't have a community to share it with?

Would you like to maintain your friends locked journal, but still wish for your writing to find readership beyond the confines of your flist?

Well search no more!

All types of Harry Potter Gen Fic are welcome here. Character based pieces, plot or action based pieces, and friendship pieces are all appreciated and encouraged.

For the purposes of this community a Gen Fic is defined as any kind of fan fiction in which action and primary focus of the piece does not center around a romantic relationship.

The Mod reserves the right to refuse posts that do not fit our definition of a Gen Fic. If you have any questions about this policy, please contact [personal profile] star54kar

If you are looking for a place to post or read Harry Potter fanfiction that features Rare Pairs, please be sure to visit our Affliate, [community profile] variety_is!

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